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Welcome to Booktent,
I'm the Booktent keeper.

Established under the corporate mission of "Creating a society where members read books anytime,
anywhere," Booktent develops and sells practical goods to foster a convenient book-reading environment that naturally leads kids to read more books.

The idea behind Booktent, the first in the world to promote sound reading and playing culture, is to lead children closer to books in a secret,
fun, and separate space instead of being forced to read a book by adults or school assignments.

In addition, we wanted to deliver the unique sentiment of paper to children.
Booktent is a classic toy made of eco-friendly, top-quality paper and is closer to nature than any other type of toy.

Booktent is a product for children that allows them

1. to adorn their independent space in creative ways and
2. to develop the habit of reading of their own volition.