BOOKTENT Functions

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First Panel : a sketchbook page

Children will read books in BOOKTENT and draw their impressions and epilogues on sketchbook.

Second Panel : a reading desk stand

Using a reading desk stand, children can read books with comfortable and proper postures.
Byfolding a reading stand, the secret little window appears.
Through this window, children can look outside and have a little talk with parents.They can alsosee how children are reading at any time.

Third Panel : a bookshelf

Children can select their own books and collect them on the bookshelf.
This will help childrento grow aself-reading habit.They can markbook pages when they are not finished reading by putting books on the bookshelf.
Parents can also place the books on the bookshelf for the children to encourage reading.

Fourth Panel : a sticker book page

Playing with stickers is one of the easiest activities for toddlers.
Repeating the actions of putting stickers on and off is a simple but fun action for children.
Children can stick their favorite stickers on the panel to decorate BOOKTENT with their own style. In this little space, they can grow their own imagination.

Fifth Panel : a door

BOOKTENT provides children’s own little secret space.
Children can build-up and decorate their own space and concentrate more on their inner world. At this moment, parents can share feeling and ideas through the door with their children.
For parents, by knocking on the door and seeking for a permit is a good process of understanding and respecting children.
Through this door, children can grow sense of independency by distinguishing inner and outer spaces. It will be a great opportunity to cultivate sociality among children.