BOOKTENT : An educational toy for reading

The space for reading & playing to develop children’s reading habits and creativities.

BOOKTENT is the world’s first educational toy for reading : By implementing a fun reading environment for the children at the age of 3 to 7 where their reading habits form to familiarize children with books and to raise independent reading in a natural way. Panel structured platforms facilitate children to easily change and utilize their own space which will enhance creativity.

Product characteristics

  • Green Products Usage : Corrugated Cardboard, Eco friendly water color ink, CE mark
  • Specialized in Educational Toy for Reading : To read & Draw & Play
  • Attaching Velcro activity will develop children’s creative space-performances such as constructing, dismantling, and transferring
  • Infinite Series panel extensions by using Velcro is practicable (ex. connecting more than 2 sets of panels)

★ 'INPEX 2014' Gold medal & Special Award in June 2014

'INPEX 2014' Gold medal & Special Award in June 2014

★ 'IDEA 2014' Bronze in July 2014

'IDEA 2014' Bronze in July 2014